As a parent, one always wants to provide the best for your child. After a few years of searching for a competent counselor for my daughter, I practically gave up. That is until I found Genii. I found many private college counselors who either didn’t have a grasp on the intensity of college planning or weren’t well versed in understanding the intricacy of it all.Genii is a professional who exhausts all possibilities for you son or daughter. She will push them, challenge them, and stretch them to be their best. Her counseling is personal and encouraging, guiding your student toward the direction of success. As a professional educator myself, I am particular on how I choose people and programs for my own students and especially my own daughters. Planning your child’s future is a delicate and complex task. Trusting another person to be involved in your child’s future can be anxious and alarming. Seeing how Genii invested in my daughter and carefully curated an individual plan for her, produced my complete trust in her in wanting the best for my daughter. Investing in Genii means investing in your child.
— Tasha Chang, Mother of Bella Poblete, Pepperdine University, Class of 2023
Genii has been a great help at not only getting me to the place I want to be, but finding where I fit and belong as well. She has all of the tools and knowledge to bolster your application and knows where the choices you have in mind are wrong or right.
Thank you Genii!!!!
— Minwoo Kwon, Washington University St. Louis Class of 2023

I am being completely truthful when I say Ms. Genii Ahn was the best blessing I received during my high school years. Without her, my family and I would have been lost, confused, and in a wrong place after graduation. She is truly someone who can change your entire life around. When I first came to her, I wasn’t anyone special to the college admissions committee, but after joining Genii, I found the true “me” to show the admissions officers through various clubs and competitions. Not only is she a college counselor who helps to amplify your resumé and essays, but she is a life counselor who was there with me every single step of the way in the process of discovering who I was and what my goals in life were. While writing essays and working on college applications, she would always have deep conversations with me, which aided me in finding my own direction in life. As I discovered and pursued my passions in law and service, she always pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and learn, both academically and non-academically. Because of her well lived experiences and knowledge about college and careers, she knows precisely how to accomodate to each student personally. Even now, she remains as my go-to woman for advice whenever I need it. It is my greatest thanks to her for where I am today, for knowing exactly where I would be most happy at.
— Uvin Ko, Wellesley College Class of 2023

Before Genii: A hungry, happiness Asian boy.
After Genii: A dynamic, young leader with a brilliant connection throughout NASA, Neurosurgery, and Politics.
Today, with Genii: Best friends who binge eat KBBQ while fangirl-ing over Harvard University.
— Thomas Kyung, University of Pennsylvania class of 2023

Genii does anything she can for me. She also expects a lot from me, but by listening to Genii’s suggestions and doing what she recommends to do, in the end, it’s for the best. The last two years with her required a lot of work. She expects a lot from her students, and I understand that. Getting into college and building a solid resume requires hard work from both sides: the counselor and the students. Through her motivation and her believing in me, I’m glad I came to Genii, and I’m glad that she set forth challenges for me. Thank you for everything Genii. I still think back to our first meeting, and I’m glad it took place

Being the first caucasian to attend Admission AG, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t fit in. In the three months, I attended, I was proven wrong. All of my tutors were very welcoming, along with the other students I’d run into an especially Counselor Genii Ahn. Without taking past college-prep classes, I wasn’t sure I would do so well in the little time I had. Genii believed in me and had set a goal to help me get accepted into Chapman University. Although I had my doubts - and stress came along - all the hard work I put into Admission AG really paid off!
Plus, even when you’ve finished all of your classes, done all of the tests, and figured out what college to attend, Genii makes sure to stay connected with you to build that friendship and continue to be successful!
— Sophie Engel, Chapman University class of 2022

High school is one of those times where as you get older, you become slightly more cynical because of the stress you receive from things like AP tests, SAT/ACT, GPA, and college applications. In Oxford, this was definitely true because I saw students transition from 11th grade to 12th grade with cutthroat attitudes against each other rather than encouraging smiles. Everyone somewhat got stuck into the whole “only college matters” mindset and did everything to make themselves successful by sacrificing other things in life.
I always looked down on that sort of development, and therefore, I also looked down on college counseling because I assumed that these groups made kids more inclined to be close-minded. It’s hard to explain, but the atmosphere of college counseling always seemed to say, “Do whatever we tell you to do and you’ll get into a good college for sure.”
My mindset changed when I met Genii, because her method of guidance wasn’t the overwhelming style where she discouraged me from doing anything that might not have particularly supplemented my application. In one word, Genii is supportive. With our monthly-ish meetings, I was impressed and also encouraged by her words because she pushed me to creatively express my high school life considering all the different activities I did. For my personal background, I never went out of my way to take more AP classes or try to do start a research project just for the sake of looking better on paper. I did the things I enjoyed and did not sacrifice my happiness for unsatisfactory success. Genii knows that this is the way a student should live, and as such, she praised me for my practical attitude towards education. In addition to all this, however, she also presented me with a basic guideline to help my schedule myself during college application season. She gave me insight to the way admissions works and also helped me connect with mentors who could make my insight grow. Genii was not restrictive or forceful in her advice, only pragmatic and kind, which I greatly appreciated. It was actually relaxing when she gave me a list of colleges I most likely would not get into because I wasn’t a good fit for them. That sort of direct realism is what students like myself need to get ourselves situated in life and truly understand where our passions and goals lie.
Overall, I have nothing but positive feedback for Genii Ahn who was the epitome of what a counselor should be: encouraging, honest, and constructive. She made me much more confident despite the times when I considered myself mediocre because my friends had better test scores and things like that. She was truthful in her assessment of my abilities and in turn she also gave me general pointers for me to think about. However, she never tried to force a single pathway for success onto me the way so many other college counselors do.
Education is the opportunity for a student to trailblaze and make his or her own legacy, not for someone else to dictate that entire journey, and Genii most definitely understands that.
— Daniel Kim, Northwestern University Class of 2022

Genii has helped me undergo from a self-conscious, worried, and unassertive girl to a powerful, confident, and vivid young woman.
— Suebin Cho, Cornell University Class of 2021

During my time with Genii, I was able to discover truly who I am. She has not only guided me to the path where I belong but also helped me discover my personality and talent that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. To me, Genii, is more than just a college counselor, but my mentor in life who allowed me to grow from a naive teenager to a mature adult.
— Jiwon You, Colorado College Class of 2021

Teacher Genii opened up so many valuable opportunities and experiences that are now an integral part of who I am. From introducing me to internships at community organizations to encouraging me to get involved with state-wide leadership groups, she opened doors I didn’t even know existed for me. These experiences were integral in helping me decide which colleges to apply to and what career path to follow. She saw the good in me and encouraged me to aim higher in everything I did, whether it be in course selection, college applications, or life in general. She boosted my confidence, inspiring me to accomplish things I didn’t even know I could do and be the person I am today. For all this and more, I owe her many thanks.
— David Han, Williams College Class of 2019

Other counselors will flatter you, but won’t promise you results.
Genii will not flatter you, but she promises you results.
Proof? Me.
— Paul Hwang, Wiliams College Class of 2019

A good counselor tells you about your strengths; a great counselor tells you about your weaknesses and how to overcome them.
Genii spares nothing in order to be honest about your capabilities and potential - sometimes brutally so. She will be tough on you, you won’t be able to slack off, and you will be pushed to meet high standards. These qualities are why Genii is an amazing counselor. She will help you excel and succeed to the peak of your abilities. She takes the times to understand your intellectual and social interests, to get to know you and your personality, so that she can hep you sort through the vast sea of colleges out there and find a college where you’ll be a fit.
Applying for colleges is tough and it can be confusing - so let Genii help you out.
— David Tag, University of Chicago Class of 2017