Business Magnet

Admission AG's Business Magnet program is an advanced program designed to prepare motivated students for success in real-world business environments. Students are provided with an instructional curriculum, co-curricular activities, and opportunities to apply their knowledge by participating in challenging experiences such as competitions and internships. This program offers knowledge and experiences that just cannot be found in traditional academic settings. 

Intro to Business

This course will introduce the students to the concepts and skills required for success in today's workplace. Topics covered include finance, marketing, production, and management which will give students a foundation of business operations. In order to take them beyond the basics, other topics included are ethics, economics, career planning, and technology.

Entrepreneurship Marketing

Advance your college and business career by learning the strategies and skills needed to overcome common business challenges. You'll take integrated business courses that include web page design, accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. You'll also put advanced computer skills to use in a real world setting and have the chance to becomes certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). Your final project includes writing a business plan and operating your own business. 

Outside of Classes

International & Local Internships


Startup Challenge