Student first. Prestigious counseling. Decades of experience.


Admission AG seeks to provide students and parents with the most prestigious consulting. We help students and parents navigate through today's most competitive college admissions with the utmost operational consulting and dynamic approach. 

In the current system, school counselors deal with hundreds of students waiting in line just to reach them. At Admission AG, our students are always our number one priority and we seek to meet them as often as possible, being the mentor that they can always come talk to. 

We guide them through not only the college application process but also academics at school and activities to shine in their applications. We seek to provide students with unique experiences based on their talents, personality, and field of study. 

We have plans catered to each student and suggest a path of best fit for our students to be successful in their college acceptances and future career.

What We Offer

  • Personal high school 4-year master plan
  • Junior counseling for 4-8th grade students
  • Major directed counseling
    • Art & music
    • Business
    • Law
    • Pre-med
    • & many more
  • Boarding school to college 
  • College transfer counseling