UCI Medical Center Internship and Research


Internship and Observation under faculty sponsor Dr. Hsu, Chair of Neurological Surgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Irvine, California. Observation included cerebral fp3, cerebral angiogram, IR infusion thrombolysis, cerebral bone biopsy, and cancer-surgery cases.

The research at UCI was published this year (2019) in World Neurosurgery and the OA Mirror. It investigates how the volumetric analysis of cerebral peduncles may determine prognostic implications for postoperative hemiparesis. Study was by Alvin Y Chan, MD; Kamran Urgun, MD; Diem Kieu Tran, MD; Thomas Kyong; Frank PK Hsu, MD, PhD; and Sumeet Vadera, MD and published in World Neurosurgery and OA Mirror.