NASA OPSPARC 2018 Champions!

The NASA OPSPARC Competition is held annually with the intention of challenging students to use their imagination to propose a theoretical solution to progressing issues by using research and an online-poster creator, Glogster. 

Thomas, Daniel, and Jimin Lee's project was chosen as the winner of this year's challenge!
The congratulatory message stated: 

"Your Glog has been selected as the Grades 9-12 Glog winner of the 2018 NASA OPSPARC. Your understanding of spinoff technology and the creative thinking demonstrated in your presentation impressed the public and the team of NASA judges."

Our boys' work also faced challenges along the way. 
This article (click here to view) published by "" is about an incident that occurred that involved racial profiling during the polling stage of the competition. 
*Please be advised that racial profiling is a sensitive issue. Do not view the article if such topics offend you. 

Despite such challenges, hard work triumphed.

Their winning Glog poster can be seen here.