Sarah Son (9th Troy High) Recognized By "Region-At-Large" Program

Dear IEDU families,


I am pleased to announce that one of my students Sarah Son - who is currently attending Troy High School (9th) - has been highly recognized by the "Region-at-Large" program of the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Her success and passion in regards to her work (short story) known as "Attention is All I Need" has been critically selected by officials from Alliance for Young Artist & Writers from over 346,000 works. I am truly proud to showcase her work, because of the fact that she not only developed her strong notions and perspectives, but also brought out the best in her ability to be considered for the National Medals in New York City (March 13, 2018). Her path has not ended, rather it has just begun as she is furthering her skills and talent in becoming a "creative endeavor as a young writer". Thank you again and I wish the best of luck for not only Sarah and her family!

Congratulations Sarah!


Executive College Counselor,

Genii Ahn


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