Good Luck to Our Business Teams Entering the Diamond Challenge

Over the past few months, teams of IEDU students have been preparing their pitch decks and write-ups for the first round of the Diamond Challenge. The Diamond Challenge is an entrepreneurship competition for high school students that offers more than $100,000 of prizes to its participants and a free trip to Delaware for the semi-finals. 

For the social innovation track, we have Tiffany Kim, Sejun Cho, Minwoo Kwon, and Olivia Hwang who have created an innovative product called ByeCatch that will solve the unsustainable problem of overfishing and the killing of bycatch. 


For the business concept track, we have Hailey Han, Mindy Jun, Claire Choe, and Erin Park who have created an innovative mobile app called w/e. (whatever) that aims to consolidate all task sharing into one app and remove the divide between the task giver and task doer.  


We'll keep you updated on each team's progress!