IEDU Times

Our mission is to promote various perspectives and thoughts through student written reports to provide constructive and unbiased opinions to the public. Our organization believes in an active student-run group that has the ability to make decisions for itself and to understand and evaluate current issues around the world. The student reports are published once a month in the Korean Herald and The Los Angeles Times newspapers.


Gap's goal is to give students the opportunity to help less fortunate students around the world. This is achieved by exposing them to a larger perspective of the world through travel and volunteer work. Our primary mission for this club is to secure a budget via fundraisers and events in order to hold annual trips to assist impoverished communities in various developing countries during the summer. Students personally interact with local people and gain invaluable experience assisting local organizations. We hope that students can gain a deeper sense of appreciation and the desire to help those in need.

Enjoy Life by Art (ELBA)

Enjoy Life By Art (ELBA) strives to provide young students with the opportunity to experience first-hand the impact of art through various community service opportunities. Our primary mission is to help our students learn through companionship while they work closely with the mentally & physically disabled, people with illnesses, addictions, or traumas. Students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for art and its therapeutic qualities. We hope that y spreading the joy of art, we can help overcome personal adversities to understand and rekindle the enjoyment of life. 

Junior Politics in California (JPC)

The mission of JPC is to expose students to the field of politics and the advocacy for education at an early age. By continuously challenging them to do so, we give young adults a voice to advocate for their needs. JPC gives ambitious students the strength and skills to better our country by inspiring changes in the fundamental framework of our society. We work collaboratively with the Korean National Association (KNA) to provide professional experience. 


Project Abroad to Peru

Admission AG offers an incredible bi-annual international volunteer program where students gain invaluable experience helping communities in need around the world. As the world becomes more and more interconnected, universities look for students that are conscientious global citizens. 

Your help is needed in our partner care centers to help local supervisors and teachers stimulate, encourage, and offer daily support to Peruvian children. As a volunteer, you will provide assistance in classroom environments and create educational materials that can be used by the care center after you have returned home. Your role will vary daily and can include anything from teaching the children good hygiene and playing educational and creative games. 

Peru boasts many natural and archeological wonders, including beautiful cathedrals. Social activities will be arranged for you and the other volunteers during the week and weekends will be filled with sightseeing. Vibrant markets scattered throughout the Sacred Valley, the Aguas Calientes hot springs, and the Machu Picchu site are only a few of all the places you will get to visit!